* Picture by Geens Archenti Flores

Shipibo Tradition Ceremony Womens Circle - Linz

by Metsa Yaka

From the earliest times the shamanic wisdom was always kept and practised by the women. We as women´s are carrying the wisdom of life and the excess of healing ourself and our surrounding, naturally in us.

In this sacred healing ceremony, we come together to reconnect with this ancient wisdom and our true inner essence, through the help of the Amazonian Plant Spirits.
By cleaning and healing and clearing our physical, emotional and psychic traumas and blockages, we will allow to open up to our inner essences and the teachings of the plants.

The process will be supported by our sisters, the beautiful loving female energy and the protected space, so that deep healing can take place.
Together we´ll open up our hearts, to the blessings that just waiting for us and live our life in it´s full potential.

Metsa Yaka
(Désirée, born 1985 in Germany), started her way in the Shipibo-Conibo tradition 2013. Since her earliest childhood, she was always connected and guided by the plants and animals.

She went herself through an intense healing process, out of depressions and anxieties with the help of the plants and animals.

In 2016 she were introduced by her teacher Maestro Inkanima to his lineage and hat the honour to received the medicine name of his mother. After Inkanima initiated her in 2017 to do this work by her own, Metsa Yaka stepped fully into her path to serve and to hold ceremonies under the guidance, support and protection of the Abuelos Inkanima the Great and his wife Metsa Wesna the Great who are still watching and acting from the spiritual world.

Metsa Yaka dieted a variety of master plants from the Amazon and Europe.

Following the call to bring these ancient wisdom of the plants there where it´s needed, her medicine work came to life.

Since the end of 2017, she lives in Andalusia/Spain, where she can realize a long-cherished wish to combine the work with the plants and the animals and to continue to learn in this way.

26/01/2018 – 28/01/2018

1 Night:
€ 113,- for 1 Shipibo Ceremony  
+ € 57,- for accommodation & food

2 Nights:
€ 226,- for 2 Shipibo Ceremonies
+ € 114,- for accommodation & food

(overnight stay in group sleeping room & vegan diet food)


Beautiful dome build after sacred geometry, around 45 km in the west of Linz.

* Picture by Geens Archenti Flores

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