Terms & Conditions

Description of the healer:
In our retreats we´re working together with teachers and healers who coming from other traditions and indigenous tribes where they practice energetic shamanic work. These healers from this traditions working with herbs and plants, with healing stones and with energies. They are not educated in a western way or on a western school. They received their title “healer” in their tradition from their teacher or their eldest or their higher instance and this title is not equally with the title of an western doctor or healer. They wear this title without having a official document. In their tradition these kinds of documents don´t exist. In our context the title helaer describes a healer of the tradition or the specific tribe, where this person is coming from, not a healer, educated in a western way.
Retreats / Ceremonies / Treatments:
In our retreats, ceremonies and treatments we offer a view in the practice of shamanic techniques from different traditions, which is shared by the teachers and healers who are offering their work in these retreats / ceremonies. Because of the freedom of believe, we believe in the possibilities of these healing techniques.
But these are personal experiences and personal believes and we just open a platform, where other people, can make their own experiences, if this kind of work is helpful for them.
If you also want to believe in this, feel free to do this and to join our retreats and ceremonies.
We give no healing promise. We just share a ancient kind of work and if you have the feeling this helps you in your personal healing process, feel free to take what feels good for you. 
Please don´t replace a medical care with our retreats. If you need medical treatments or medications, don´t stop this if this is needed for you. 
The visit of one of our retreats or ceremonies does not replace the visit at a doctor or hospital.
The payment is a donation to cover the costs of the retreat and to balance the energetic sharing. 
Registration & Registration fee:
To ensure your participate in the retreat, it is necessary to make an advance payment in form of an registration fee.
After you made your reservation, it is necessary to deposit  the registration fee latest 2 weeks after your registration on our bank account. 
As soon as the amount is on the account, your application and your place in the retreat are fixed and we can book the place at the venue for you.  
Registration fee for a 1 Day Ceremony:                   €   50,-

Registration fee for the 2 Day Retreats:                  € 100,-

Registration fee for the 3 & 4 Day Retreats:           € 150,-

Registration fee for the 11-Day Diet:                        € 400,-
Please do not transfer the whole workshop price to the bank account!

Settle the rest of the amount on the day of arrival in cash at the seminar place. Many thanks!

After you made your registration, you will receive the payment details.

Cancelation conditions:

The registration can be canceled for free latest 3 weeks before the retreat. In this period we will transfer the registration fee back to your bank account. In case of a cancelation from your side during the last 3 weeks before the retreat, the registration fee will be withhold and charged as cancelation fee.

In case of an cancelation from our side we will transfer the registration fee back to you, independent from the time period.

Single ceremony participation:

If the retreat is not fully booked and there are some places available, it is possible to join for just one or two nights. As we explanied already in the text, it is recommended to join the whole retreat because of the individual process and the group process. Participants who register for the whole retreat have precedence.

Medications & health topics:

It is required to inform us in confidence, if one of the following points apply to you:

  • if you take any kind of medications 
  • if you take any kind of drugs
  • if you have psychological problems
  • if you have a heart condition
  • if you have chronic high blood pressure
  • if you have liver problems
  • if you are pregnant
  • if you will have your menstruation during the retreat