Shipibo Tradition Ceremonies

2 & 3 Day Retreats

The Shipibo Tradition Ceremonies are a deep kind of alternative healing work with sacred healing plants from the Peruvian Amazon. These Masterplants enable you to work on a deeper level of consciousness to heal your inner wounds from the past. The plants will clean you on a energetical and physical level.
The process is also a powerful process to clear, release and transform old patterns and blockages.
Through the integration of the teachings and the wisdom of the plants, this can be the starting point to change your life and live it in the full potential.

You will be guided in a safe space by Metsa Yaka & Sanken Tsoma (for more infos, klick on the names), both initiated into the Inkanima-lineage by the Shipibo Maestro Inkanima.
They are guided, supported and protected from the spiritual world by his grandparents
Inkanima the Great and Metsa Wesna the Great, who are both Morayas (highest healer degree in this tradition and enlightened masters).

The retreats are an combination of sacred plant ceremonies according to the Shipibo-Conibo tradition; Rapé rituals for cleansing, aligning and centering awareness; individual treatments like massages or sucking out of heavy energies and very deep and insightful teachings from the Masterplants themselves for spiritual and personal development.

3 Day Retreat Estonia

by Metsa Yaka & Sanken Tsoma

08/02/2018 – 11/02/2018

3 nights of Shipibo Tradition Ceremony

€ 135,-
for 1 night with 1 Shipibo Ceremony
€ 270,- for 2 nights with 2 Shipibo Ceremonies
€ 405,- for the whole Retreat (Thursday till Sunday – incl. 3 Shipibo Ceremonies) 

The prices are including overnight stay in two bed rooms and diet food.

Cozy Estonian farm house located in a secluded location in Harju County

    3 Day Retreat Munich

    by Metsa Yaka & Sanken Tsoma

    08/03/2018 – 11/03/2018

    3 nights of Shipibo Tradition Ceremonies

    1 Night:
    € 153,- for 1 Shipibo Ceremony (without room
     & food)
    € 72,- Group sleeping room (or tent/caravan) & food
    or € 92,- Double room & food
    or € 102,- Single room & food

    2 Nights:
    € 306,- for 2 Shipibo Ceremonies (without room & food)
    € 144,- Group sleeping room (or tent/caravan) & food
    or € 184,- Double room & food
    or € 204,- Single room & food

    3 Nights:
    € 459,- for 3 Shipibo Ceremonies (without room & food)
    € 216,- Group sleeping room (or tent/caravan) & food
    or € 276,- Double room & food
    or € 306,- Single room & food

    The room prices are including vegan diet food.
    It is not possible to book just the ceremony without room & food.

    Impressive ceremony temple 50 km in the east of Munich.

      3 Day Easter Retreat Linz

      by Metsa Yaka & Sanken Tsoma

      29/03/2018 – 01/04/2018
      (Holy Thursday until Easter Sunday)

      1st night Rapé Ceremony >>> more infos <<<
      2nd night Shipibo Tradition Ceremony
      3rd night Shipibo Tradition Ceremony

      – Rapé Ceremony –
      € 60,- for 1 Rapé Ceremony (without room & food)
      € 10,- Ceremony room usage (without overnight stay)
      oder + € 57,- with overnight stay in a group sleeping room (or tent) & food 

      – Shipibo Traditon Ceremony –
      1 Night:
      € 178,- for 1 Shipibo Ceremony (without room & food)
      € 57,- Group sleeping room (or tent) & food 

      2 Nights:
      € 356,- for 2 Shipibo Ceremonies (without room & food)
      € 114,- Group sleeping room (or tent) & food 

      – Whole Retreat –
      3 Nights:
      € 416,- for 1 Rapé Ceremony & 2 Shipibo Ceremonies (without room & food)
      + € 171,- Group sleeping room (or tent) & food 

      The accommodation prices are incl. vegan diet food.
      It is not possible to book just the ceremony without room & food.

      Beautiful dome build after sacred geometry, around 50 km in the west of Linz.