Rapé Ceremony

by Sanken Tsoma

Rapé is a sacred and powerful plant medicine with deep healing, purifying and centering qualities which has been used for centuries by Brazilian indigenous tribes such as the Huni Kuin, Yawanawa, Kaxinawá, Katukina and Nukini.

The Rapé is a powdered mixture made from finely ground Mapacho tobacco and ingredients or ash from various medicinal plants and it´s blown into the noise through a bamboo tube (Tepi). 
It cleans physically & energetically, it heals, opens the heart, centers the mind, clears the consciousness and cleans the pineal gland. Rapé is very good to focus and to maintain better concentration during meditation.

The Rapé ceremony takes about three or four hours and is divided into three themes during three Rapé sharings:

Spirit – Body – Heart

The spirit of the participant will be centered and clarified.
The body will be purified of unhealthy and blocking energies.
The heart chakra will be opened so that love and self-love can come into the flow and your heart can find healing in itself.
In individual cases it is possible that one can vomit during the ceremony.

The spirit of the Rapé is conducted during the ceremony by prayers and Icaros – healing songs of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe. An energetic cleansing of the body will be done by taking out of “Hacon mabo niwebo” (“bad air” / bad energies) with the hands. Various other tools such as the Mesa (the medicine bag of the Inca) or Mapacho tobacco (in smoked form) will also be used here.

Between the Rapé sharings we will meditate.

The Rapé ceremony will be held by Sanken Tsoma (click on the name for more infos) who is initiated by the Rapé Spirit in this kind of work.

Upcoming Ceremonies:

Vienna / Austria:
Saturday, 03/02/2018 /// 7pm – 11pm

Price: € 70,-

Area Linz / Austria:
Holy Thursday, 29/03/2018 /// 7pm – 11pm
(around 45 km in  the west of Linz) 

Price: € 70,-