Munay-Ki Initiations

The Munay-Ki Initiation are the 9 great sacred rites of an initiation of the medicine way from the Inca tradition.
The intense energy transmissions are traditionally given by priests and healers of the Q’ero indians.

We are fortunate that the Q’ero healer Don Eduardo Chura Apaza from the Peruvian Andes is coming back to Europe to transmit these sacred rites to those who feel the call to receive these rites.

The Q’eros are the direct bloodline descendants of the Inca and the rites coming from a ancient tradition of indigenous tribes, a tradition of Earthkeepers – the guardians of our planet. The Q’ero eldest decided, the present time is the age, when the rites has to be transmitted to human beings around the globe.
With the Munay-Ki initiation we receive the basic elements for the transformation of our own being. The energy transmissions are like energetic seeds. If we cultivate these energies after we received these initiations, we can increase our frequency and transform our energy field.

This way we can:

  • experience healing and wholeness
  • strengthen our intuition
  • detach ourselves from old belief systems and genetic programs
  • step over our physical body and create a new reality

The rites connect us with our creative power, the forces of nature an an lineage of ancient healers. For those who have received the rites, it is often possible, to gain their healing abilities with the received energy, if it is your determination.
The words Munay Ki are Quechua, the language of the Q’eros and the Inca. “Munay” means love and “Ki” means energy. It´s also translated as “I love you”. With the initiations we receive the seed for our development to a new human. But it´s still in our hands to cultivate the seeds and let them crow and prosper, that they can be fruitful.

The 9 initiations will be transmitted during a intense 3-day retreat.

The Rites:

1. Hampi Karpai – Rite of Healing

With this initiation you will receive a healing energy which helps you to heal your wounds of the past, to empower your self healing forces and to support your inner transformation.

2. Ch’umpi Karpai – Bands of Protection

You will receive five energy bands for protection, which are woven into your energy field. They act as filters, transforming negative energies that come toward you into one of the five elements, earth, air, fire, water and light, feeding your energy field instead of allowing those energies to make you sick. You receive a protecting and strengthening quality.

3. Ayni Karpai – Harmony Rite

This rite brings the energy of Ayni, a kind of balance, a state of inner peace and serenity in harmony with Pachamama.

4. Kawach Karpai – Seer´s Rite

This initiation awakens the inner seer and your ability to perceive the invisible world of energy and Spirit. Our awareness becomes more sensitive and we strengthen the trust into our intuition.

5. Pampamesayoch Karpai – Mesa Healer

You connect to a lineage of Inca and Q’ero  healers. To the Pampamesayoch, who is the keeper of a mesa (the medicine bag of the Q’eros) and who heal with this.

6. Altomesayoch Karpai – Wisdomkeeper´s Rite

A Altomesayoch is the highest healer in this tradition. Altomesayoch are healers who were chosen from the spirits to receive the highest initiation. They were hit by a flash and received this way the direct connection to the spiritual world, to the wisdom and to powerful healing forces. Through this initiation we will be connected to the Altomesayoch who are living now in the spiritual world.

7. Kuraq Akulleq Karpai – Earthkeeper´s Rite

Kuraq Akulleq is the phrase for chewing Coca leaves with the ancestors, with the wise keepers of knowledge. This rite connects us to our ancestors and the ancestors of the Inca and Q’eros.

8. Mosoch Karpai – Rite of the New

This rite open the path into a new part of existence. Mosoch means new. It opens a new way, it helps us to have new visions, to see the new world, how we want to manifest it and to create our new life. This initiation helps you to transform your life in something new.

9. Taitanshis Karpai – Creator Rite

Taitanshis means father in context of the Creator of the world. The father of all beings. This initiation connects you with the supreme Creator, it awakens the Creator-light within you to find your personal connection to the Creator and to let shine his light through you to create the new world we wanna live in.


3 Day – Munay-Ki initiation -Mountain Hiking Retreat in the Rax-Schneeberg Area (near Vienna)
/// Fri 11/05 – Sun. 13/05/2018 /// (all day)

In this very special retreat, together with Don Eduardo, we will wander the Rax-Schneeberg mountain group at the gates of Vienna to receive the sacred Munay-Ki initiations of the Incas / Q’eros by Don Eduardo and to connect with the Apus – the spirits of the mountains.

The people of the Q’eros live in the Andes at an altitude of 4000 meters and are therefore very connected to the spirits of the mountains, which they call Apus. The energies of the Apus of the Andes work through them and through this strong connection the healers of the Q’eros have the gift to connect themselves and thus also us with the Apus of Europe, in the case of Austria.

For 3 days we will hike to the Schneeberg and the Rax mountain range, where we will receive the 9 Munay-Ki rites from Don Eduardo and make small despachos for the Apus of the Schneeberg and the Rax.

The ascent to the mountains will be a combination of lift trips with easy hikes. To cope for everyone, so to speak. Of course, we adapt to the participants.

The retreat is for those who feel the inner call to receive the Munay-Ki initiation and to those who have received the initiation and want to retransmit it to strengthen and activate the energies again and for sure to connect with the Apus of Schneeberg and the Rax.


whole retreat with 3 days:
€ 480, –
Retreat price (without room & food)

participation on 1 retreat day:
€ 210, –
 one day price (without room & food)

The hikes start from the village Nasswald (about 100 km southwest of Vienna).
Accommodation can be booked independently in the village Nasswald. For example, at the Gasthof Raxkönig.
Alternatively, of course, there is also the possibility to drive home in the evening and to return the next morning, if you live in the surrounding area.

The retreat is self-catering.
Please organize your food by yourself.
On the hike, it is possible to rest and eat in a mountain hut on the way or to take food for the hike in your backpack.

Registration latest until the 06th of May.

Despacho with Don Eduardo at the Schneeberg 2016

The Rax

Don Eduardo & Sanken Tsome at Schneeberg 2016

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