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Thank You!

We wanna thank all the people who participated at the retreats and dietas of the Inkanima Summer Tour 2017!
Inkanima and his partner Metsa Wesna will come back in Summer 2018.
We´ll keep you updated….

If you´re interested in visiting them in Peru for a plant diet or for healing ceremonies, here you can find infos about their project in Peru:

About Inkanima

Inkanima is a traditional healer of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe, who is lives near Pucallpa, in the area of the Amazon Rainforest of Peru. He is 30 years old and comes form a very old lineage of Meraya (the highest degree of a healer in this tradition). He got all his knowledge and power from his grandfather a very known powerful healer and Meraya that lived in Paoyhan (a shipibo community in the Ucayali river). His grandfather an also his grandmother are guiding Inkanima  and his partner Metsa Wesna nowadays from heaven. In this lineage and with this power Inkanima heals today and share his knowledge with lot of devotional love.

The Retreats

3 Day Shipipo Ceremony Retreats

The Shipibo ceremonies are a deep kind of healing work with healing plants from the Peruvian Amzon.

Maestro Inkanima, a very powerful and experienced herbalist healer from the Shipibo-Conibo tribe will hold the ceremonies together with 4 or 5 of his closest apprentices.

The 3 Day Retreats are an combination of:

  • sacred plant ceremonies according to the Shipibo-Conibo tradition
  • Rapé rituals for cleansing, aligning and centring awareness
  • very deep and insightful teachings about plant medicines, spirituality and personal development
  • individual treatments like massages or sucking out of heavy energies
  • additional therapeutic work in some selected retreats (see description)
  • comprehensive care by the Team Inkanima

The complete 3 day retreat lasts over three ceremony nights and is an cycle closed in itself. It is recommended to attend all three ceremonies, because this way the work is as effectively as possible and you can go deeper in your personal processes to intense your healing process and also to evolve and expand a strong group process. A complete three days process brings to all participants the highest possible benefit.

If the retreat is not fully booked, it´s also possible to get some spaces for just one or two nights. Participants who register for the whole retreat have precedence.

11 Day Master Plant Diets (13 Days)

We´re offering again very intense Master Plant Diets, in which we diet very powerful plants and trees from the amazon rainforest.

The diets are a journey into the plant kingdom to receive deep healing, powerful energies and deep teachings directly from the plants.

To diet a plant is to go in a relationship with this plant. We will take the plant oral in form of a tea or a juice, made from the wood or the root of specific trees or from the leaves or flowers of specific plants. After this you have the energy of the plant inside of you and you will build up a connection with it. How depends on you, on the plant and on the relationship, you will build up. During this time you will eat a  special kind of very simple diet food, without salt, fat, sugar, spices, milk products meat and different other things. Mostly just rice with vegetables, sometimes eggs and fruits. Its not allowed to have sex during this time. You also should do no other consuming things, like meeting people, watching TV or using computers. It´s recommended to do nothing and to be isolated as much as possible. You can do spiritual practices, like meditation. If you can build up a relationship to the plant, the plant will teach you about his/her knowledge. Mostly in dreams.

This is the traditionally way of a learning or healing diet, like the Shipibo indians does it since centuries.

You will have the possibility to do this kind of diets here in Europe (in Austria near Linz) with a Shipibo Shaman from Peru. We will have two 13 Day Retreats, with 11 days of Master Plant Diet in each retreat. We receive the diet plants from Maestro Inkanima. He will prepare the plants together with us and show us the way we diet the plants. He will guide the diets, take care of us and stay with us all the 13 days, where he makes plant baths with us, teaches us to sing Icaros (healing songs), transmites energies and supports us in every direction, in which his support is needed. Together we will do 3 or 4 Shipibo ceremonies during this period of 13 days. We wil have Yoga- & Qi Gong lessons and guided meditations.
Together we will also build up a group energy, what increases the effect and the results of the diet.

During the time you will sleep in your tent. Please bring a tent with you.

Videos Maestro Inkanima