Huachuma – Sweat Lodge Retreats

The Q´ero healer Don Eduardo Chura Apaza is coming this year with the Grandfather Cactus medicine Huachuma from the Andes to share this sacred medicine with us.

In the Huachuma Medicine Ceremony you can connect with the powerful Spirit of this ancient Andean plant to receive healing and teachings from the plant kingdom.
Sacred plant teachers are known for providing powerful insights and deep healing on many levels. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.
The plant teachers are able to open a world of deep wisdom. They can guide us how to release blockages, boundaries, fears and old patterns. How to cure traumas and how open our hearts. They teach us how to life a healthy life in harmony with nature and our surroundings. They show us the way how to realize our dreams and how to step into our full potential.

These kind of ceremonies we offer in two different kind of retreats:


Intensive Huachuma
& Sweat Lodge – 4 Day Retreat /// in Linz & Vienna 

These retreats are a combination of two Huachuma Ceremonies and a Sweat Lodge Ceremony plus different other medicine works.

On the first day of the retreat Don Eduardo will share the Huachuma Medicine in the first of two Grandfather Ceremonies. In this ceremony he will give this sacred Andean medicine the space for his wisdom, his teachings and his healing.
Before and while the ceremony we also will share other powerful plant medicines with you, like Rapé (a strong snuff medicine from Brazil with strong cleaning and cerntering properties) and Sananga eye drop medicine (the so called Queen of the Forest –  to open the visions and to focus very sharp) to intensify the healing-, cleaning- and transformation process.

On the second day we will start with a Medicine Walk to find and define your intention and to focus on this. After this we will go well focused in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony where the channels to the spiritual world will be opened and where we will be cleaned and renewed.

On the third day Don Eduardo will make together with us a Despacho – a wish- thanks- and healing ceremony from the Inca tradition. And after we shareed again the Rapé and the Sananga with you, Don Eduardo will open the second Huachuma – Grandfather bring you deeper inside the medicine.

The forth day of the retreat will be for sharing and integration work.

Thiese kind of retreats will be held, in Linz (Austria) and in Vienna (Austria).

It is also possible to stay just for two nights and therefore only participate in one Huachuma ceremony and the sweat lodge and as well in the Despacho and the Medicine Walk.




The second kind of retreat will be a:

Intensive Huachuma & Rapé Ceremony – 4 Day Retreat /// in Berlin

This retreat, which will be held in the area of Berlin (Germany), is a combination of two Huachuma Ceremonies and a Rapé (Hapee) Ceremony plus different other medicine works.

The structure of the retreat is pretty the same like in the other retreats. The first, the third and the forth day are like in the explenation of the retreats above. The only difference is the on the second day, where we will have after the Medicine Walk a very intense Rapé (Hapee) Ceremony over three rounds of Rapé sharing (instead of a Sweat Lodge Ceremony).
In this three rounds we will work with different intentions on different levels.
The first round is to clean and clarify your mind, to strengthen your connection to your spirit and to center your mind, body and soul.
In the second round your body and energetic field will be purified of unhealthy and blocking energies.
And in the third round your heart chakra will be opened so that love and self-love can come into the flow and your heart can find healing in itself.

Also during this retreat it is possible to stay only for two nights and therefore only participate in one Huachuma ceremony and the sweat lodge and as well in the Despacho and the Medicine Walk.

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