Our efforts serve the preservation of the ancient wisdom which is held by indigenous cultures for centuries.

We´re asking, to receive access to this ancient arcane knowledge, to become initiated in the mysteries.

Our aim is to share this knowledge and understanding in our western society, in order to feed this archaic revival in our culture, to accelerate our spiritual evolution and to bring back these perennial values.

We´re looking for inner values and ethical guidelines. For alternative healing methods and for solutions regarding the modification of our global society.

For this we bring together shamanic techniques with teachings from other ancient traditions like from the vedic, the taoist or the buddhist, without been attached to any dogma, to find, by following these paths a way to a higher truth. May we become responsible caretakers of our mother Earth and help this way the beings of this planet to heal themselves and live together in peace and freedom and in a symbiotic relationship with our nature.

With the retreats we offer,  want to show you a view into the mysteries of our universe and build a bridge between our visual reality and our hidden inner worlds.

For this the plants, the animals, the stones, the spirits and different healers and shamans will be yours and our teachers.

Sanken Tsoma & Metsa Yaka

European Tours

We organize tours in Europe with Shamans and Healers from different traditions and different indigenous tribes. At the moment we work particular with two healers from Peru. An Inca healer from the Peruvian Andes and a Shipibo healer from the Peruvian Amazon.

We bring together the medicine of the Andes, from the Apus – the mountain spirits – and the medicine of the jungle, the Amazon, from the plant kingdom.

The medicine of the high Andes and the sacred teachings and initiations from the ancient  Inca tradition brings the Inca healer Don Eduardo Chura Apaza and his wife Luisa Macchaca Cruz, from the Q’ero nation, who are the last descendants of the Inca. And the wisdom of the sacred teacher plants from the Peruvian Amazon brings Maestro Inkanima who is coming from a powerful healer lineage of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe.

During our tours in Europe we´re offering:

Shipibo Ceremonies

Master Plant Diets

Munay-Ki Initiationes

Individual Healing Sessions

Huachuma Ceremonies

Rapé Ceremonies

Nusta Karpay


Don Eduardo & Dona Luisa

Q’ERO healers – from the ancient INCA tradition of the Peruvian high Andes

Two of the last descendants of the INCAS

Maestro Inkanima

SHIPIBO healer – from the Shipibo-Conibo tribe of the Peruvian Amazon

Descended from the lineage of a Moraya healer (higest healer grade)

Our Work

We offer retreats and energetic work to support you to find your personal way of healing and transformation, so that you can develop your full potential.

For this we use techniques, which we learned from our teachers like from Maestro Inkanima & Don Eduardo.

Please choose the links below, to read about our work.

We Are...

…Metsa Yaka & Sanken Tsoma and we are connected to the Inkanima lineage, which is a very powerful healer lineage of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe from the Peruvian Amazon. 

Sanken Tsoma

Metsa Yaka

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